Media & PR:


Adverse publicity can seriously damage the standing and reputation of any organisation. Failure to professionally handle how you respond in such circumstances can easily turn that crisis into a disaster.

WellScot can help you: 

We can train your key spokespeople so that you are prepared and their presentation skills are finely honed. We can even do the work on your behalf if you desire.

Our one-day media training workshop is designed to ensure that your key players understand how to respond under fire from the media, be that social media, print, radio or television.

More intensive and extensive training programmes can be provided on request.

If the current size of your organisation does not allow for in-house employment to cater for such circumstances, our experienced Media & PR team at Wellscot can perform that role on your behalf.

Our media training programmes are led by David Sinclair, one of Scotland's best known journalists with many years of experience in print and digital journalism and crisis communications.

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Driving "Well-Being":

"Well-being" is at the heart of the health & social care agenda in Scotland, and rightly so.  However, how do you plan and measure the impact you're making?

WellScot can help you:

Our unique tools and approaches are specifically aimed at local authority councils; NHS Boards; Integrated Joint Boards; Health & Social Care Partnerships and 3rd sector health & social care service providers.

Whether it's measuring the Return on Investment (RoI) or developing new systems and programmes that will improve the well-being of individuals and communities, our innovative approaches will help you deliver.